6 Ways To Take Care Of The Body To Achieve Physical And Mental Balance


For many years it was thought that the body and mind were separate, without one having influence over the other.

However, thanks to many investigations and scientific tests it was possible to determine that between both there is a stronger bond than previously thought. Thus, this is the reason why emotional problems affect the body in the form of physical pain or discomfort and vice versa.

Knowing all this, today world medicine follows the models of the oriental, whose approach is to achieve a physical and mental balance with the aim of improving the overall quality of life.

In this sense, almost all health experts are advising to adopt a series of healthy habits and techniques that play a fundamental role in achieving such stability. Today we share 6 methods to achieve caring for your body.

1. Do physical exercise

It is no coincidence that this habit is number 1 on our list of ways to take care of the body. Physical activity is one of the best practices that can be done every day to bring a higher quality of life and above all a good physical and mental state.

With only 20 or 30 minutes of daily exercise, you can activate the whole body. In order to improve circulation, strengthen muscles and protect the heart.

In addition, this is an excellent way to enjoy a good physical condition and maintain an adequate weight. This prevents diseases associated with overweight and obesity.

Added to all this, the daily practice of a workout provides a great sense of well-being, as it stimulates the segregation of serotonin, called the hormone of happiness.

2. Acupuncture

The acupuncture is a therapeutical method of TCM in which thin needles and heat applications are used to stimulate specific body points.

It is a very interesting technique that does not intervene in the natural processes of the organism. The application on each of the points only reaches the nerve fibers. This activates the flow and achieves the stability of energy that allows taking care of the body.

Its operation is based on the theory that considers the human body as a system of energy flows that, when balanced, can offer comfort both physically and emotionally.

It is believed that this therapy can alleviate conditions associated with the respiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal tracts.

3. Adopt a healthy diet

One of the basic factors to achieve stability throughout the body is nutrition. Although often ignored, the nutrients in food have the ability to strengthen the entire body on a physical level. In addition, they influence the segregation of the substances that determine the emotional state.

Eliminating junk food from the diet and adopting a nutritional plan rich in vitamins and minerals helps to prevent diseases and psychological disorders.

4. Learn to listen to the body

The body knows to alert about its physical and emotional difficulties when the person is going through some of them.

It is very likely that, suddenly, they begin to experience a series of symptoms and signs that warn that something is not quite right.

To avoid the development of even greater problems, it is essential to learn to listen to what you want to say to us in a timely manner.

5. Aromatherapy to take care of your body

Aromatherapy is a natural relaxation technique that is based on the use of the aromas and the properties of some plants. All this through the essential oils extracted through processing.

The aromas they release instantly provide a sense of harmony and relaxation. Thus, it directly influences the emotional and physiological level.

Its use has spread throughout the world as a treatment against different psychological and physical imbalances.

6. Practice yoga

The Yoga is an ancient discipline originating in India, whose practice serves to exercise the mind and pamper the body to achieve stability.

It is based on moral guidelines that invite self-discipline, calm, respect and sincerity with one’s self and with others.

There are different ways to practice it according to its origin. In general, all aim to strengthen the ability of the mind to influence bodily functions.

Therefore, globally its realization helps:

  • Improve attitude
  • Recover calm
  • Reduce stress.
  • Achieve discipline
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve and control breathing

So, with the implementation of all these habits and healthy practices you can find that physical and mental harmony.  This will help us to take care of the body and mind, avoiding difficulties in health and emotional problems.


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