Do You Want To Adopt A Vegan Diet? 7 Things You Must Do First


The general principle of the vegan diet is not to consume foods derived from animals. The immersion in the vegan world implies changes of deep-rooted habits . Those who decide to start with this new lifestyle should inform themselves and take precautions not to leave. How can you adopt a vegan diet?

Veganism is a worldwide trend that continues to gain followers; either for the love of animals or because they want a new model of comprehensive health care. The conversion to vegans is a decision that, complemented with physical exercise, has great advantages to the organism. However, it is necessary that the transformation be gradual and controlled.

7 things you should do before adopting a vegan diet

Before beginning the change from a normal diet to a vegan diet, it is important to consider some relevant aspects. In this way, a sudden change in the organism is avoided and welfare is guaranteed. Let’s see below 7 things that should be taken into account.

1. A medium-term objective

Anxiety about the new often becomes a trap; Some people decide to abandon the meat from one day to the next. However, eating and emotional habits become difficult barriers to overcome . It is more likely to fall into temptation and then feel the guilt of not having met the goal.

A vegan diet is simpler when it begins to be discovered step by step ; without established deadlines, nor structured requirements that accelerate the process. Starting to incorporate vegan recipes into the routine once or twice a week favors the transition. It also facilitates access to greater varieties of food and knowledge of the alternatives.

To be more successful when adopting a vegan diet it is important to make changes gradually. In this way, the body has time to adapt to new eating habits.

Shopping lists to adopt a vegan diet

The list of purchases in the market must begin with exchanging animal foods for cereals, seeds and vegetables . The realization of it must be conscious and planned; You have to think clearly about what is needed for new recipes and, especially, those that best suit your tastes.

It is good to incorporate cashews, flax, sesame, pumpkin , vegetable milks and fermented non-dairy products into our menu They make cheeses, sauces and many alternatives to traditional foods.

Analysis of favorite dishes

The process of adapting the menu will be little by little. First, we will analyze which vegetarian menus are already incorporated into the household routine. Secondly, we will choose which dishes you must transform to turn them into vegan. It is very easy to find alternative vegan recipes to meat based dishes.

Weekly meal planning

The habit of making a list of possible meals and dinners during the week also orders the vegan diet. The awareness of the meals does not give rise to the trap of a fast menu based on meat.

The moment to think each option allows to visualize the most valid and tasty alternatives at the same time . In this way, you can replace a yogurt with soy milk or create a new menu recommended by someone. But the idea is to have a guide that organizes the feeding according to what they are looking for.

To maintain a vegan diet it is important to learn to plan the menus. In this way the nutritional quality of the dishes is guaranteed and, in addition, delicious and varied alternatives are sought.

Access information about nutrients offered by food

The meat, dairy and other foods that will be replaced, are suppliers of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is important to be informed about the products that can satisfy the agency with these contributions. For example, milk and its derivatives are a source of calcium that must be replaced by other foods or supplements.

Adopt a vegan diet with variety and creativity as a basis

One of the main things to do when adopting a vegan diet is the creativity in the recipes. The dishes must be varied so as not to cause boredom; It is not healthy or pleasant to always eat the same. Soon we would end up giving up.

The adoption of a new eating habit includes the willingness to try new options; It is a way to reeducate the palate and expand the taste capacity . It is surprising how many recipes are found.

Includes new sources of information

The labels of the foods found in the supermarkets contain positive information about the different products. Also, there are associations of vegans online and other pages that serve as support . It is very easy to join these groups and make consultations, learn new recipes and experiences.

A vegan diet is beneficial for comprehensive health . In any of the cases, having a periodic medical check-up is recommended to be calm with all kinds of food.


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