NJMCdirect – New Jersey Online Traffic Ticket 2021 Payment Guide


About NJMCdirect :       

NJMCdirect is a judiciary website of New Jersy. NJMCdirect is one of the best online ticket payment methods used for the payment of traffic violence charges in the United States. It is a fast and secure way to get information and pay fines online. This was actually initiated to make traffic ticket payments easy for the citizens. The NJMC direct site provides you the simple way to pay your traffic violation charges like for example if you have to pay your parking ticket you need not go to court physically and pay the charge instead using NJMCdirect payment website you can pay charges online with just a few clicks. So the official website for online payment is NJMCdirect pay online click on this link to get redirected to the payment website or to know details about your traffic ticket between   1-4 days after issued.

How to process the Payment

Paying your ticket charges here is a simple process. First, you need to know the rules and regulations and gather the requirements to process your payment.

Rules and Regulations :

  • The traffic ticket that to be paid must not have warrants.
  • The traffic ticket must not be an outdated one. Verify it.
  • Must accept to pay the convenience fee for the process of payment.
  • Your details on the portal will be cleared within 90 days, so need to pay before the details get removed on the portal.
  • The traffic ticket must be of payable violation type.

Requirements :

  • Your charged traffic ticket :

This the one that provided for a traffic violation by the officers to you. This ticket must be a legal one. This ticket provides the information about the kind of traffic violation you have experienced and the Court Id, Ticket prefix and also the Ticket number on it are required to process the payment online.

  • The license plate number of your vehicle.
  • An operating device with internet access.
  • A debit/ credit card to pay the amount. Usually, a Master Card or VISA card are accepted on the site for payment.

Step-wise instructions:

After gathering your requirements follow these steps to successfully process your payment.

  • In the operating device that has internet access, open a browser and visit the official website of NJMCdirect payment or click here  NJMCdirect payment portal to get redirected to the website.   
  • This how the new interface on your screen looks like, it is the home page of NJMCdirect. You can check the information related to the requirements and put it ready with you. Then click on “CONTINUE”.
  • Then you will be redirected to this type of interface. First, enter the Court ID from that is present on your traffic ticket.
  • Enter in the Ticket Prefix in the adjacent space given.
  • Then enter the ticket number of your traffic ticket.
  • Note your license plate no. and enter in the respective space allotted for it, Then click on “CONTINUE” after entering all the required data.
  • Here you will have two alternatives to display or preview your ticket and then next to your payment step.
  • You need to provide your debit or credit card details to deduct an amount or process your payment.
  • You are also charged with some convenience fee for the online payment service.

The convenience charges are as follows:

  • A Convenience fee of $1.00 for the Penalty Amount of $1.00 – $40.00 is charged.
  • A convenience fee of $2.00 is charged for a penalty amount of $41.00 – $87.00
  • A convenience fee of $3.00 for Penalty amount between $88.00 – $200.00
  • A convenience fee of $4.00 is charged for above $200.00 of penalty amount to be paid.

Payment hours

Scheduled time is fixed for payment, so please note this information as it is not allowed to process the payment 24/7 hours.

  • Monday to Thursday: From 7:30 a.m to 11:45 p.m (EST)
  • Friday: From 7:30 am to 10:45 pm (EST)
  • Saturday: From 7:30 am to 3:45 pm (EST)
  • Sunday: From 1:00 pm to 11:45 pm (EST)

Customer Care Services

You can easily pay your penalty amount following the instructions, In case if you have other queries regarding your traffic ticket or NJMCdirect payment, you can contact to the NJMC’s customer care team. The toll-free service number is 973 284 4945.

Advantages of using NJMCDirect online payment portal

  •  Fast: It is the fastest online payment portal, processes your payment within a few minutes. Easy process to complete the payment. You don’t need to go to court and pay fines physically. This may save your time too.
  • Safe and secure payments: It is not a third party organization. This is government provided service, so you cannot doubt for losing your payment. The New Jersey Court provide privacy to your personal and bank details and secure your payments. Only the New Jersey Court Officials can access the information.
  • Convenient: Only affordable service cost is charged for processing your payment. These also help to check and secure your transactions. The convenience fee is reasonable $1 to $4 for different penalties as mentioned earlier.


The NJMCdirect payment service is a great method of paying your traffic ticket easily. Here as you can access the payment process from anywhere of your comfort zone, this makes easier to clear your traffic violation dues anytime. We provided you the instructions to be followed to learn how to process your payment and many other useful details. Hope you clear your dues and thank you for using this site as your guide. Have a good day and drive safe.


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